Press release 22.4.2020

The partners of the Feminists in the Climate Movement-project are very pleased to announce the launch of an EU-funded one-year project. Feminists in the Climate Movement is a European-wide pilot project, designed for women and non-binary persons in Europe. 

The project aims to build safer spaces, where feminists can share their experiences and network with others advocating for a sustainable future. International experts will provide participants with training on capacity-building, movement-building and campaign strategies. The course will consist of an online conference on feminism and climate change, and an international conference in Brussels. The project is part of a wider European collaboration, through which similar trainings will be delivered in Turkey and Austria.

Climate change affects demographics differently. Far too often, women and non-binary persons are underrepresented in the arenas of decision-making. By building bridges and solidarity for feminists all over Europe, we can strengthen the climate movement and find meaningful, sustainable solutions to a global problem, says Tuomas Viskari, chair of the board of Visio. 

Women and minorities are more likely to be affected by the effects of climate change but are also the key people who can bring about change in their communities.

Studies show that countries with more women in decision-making have more ambitious climate policies. Diversity doesn’t happen by itself; it must be encouraged.  Women and non-binary persons need specific training to make change in traditionally male-dominated places of decision-making, Emma Kari, member of parliament and chair of the Finnish Green Women’s Association. 

The project is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of Visio and the Green Women’s Association, with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.


Tuomas Green: