Green Women in Helsinki

Photo: Laura Karlin

Do you believe that people, regardless of their gender, should be treated equally? Do you believe that human rights are every single person’s rights, no matter where they come from? Do you think that gender is much more than what’s between a person’s legs? Do you believe that people should be free to express – or not express at all – their gender however they want to? Do you want to break down the gender-based structures that inhibit us – not just women, everyone – from becoming the best that we can be? Do you want to smash the patriarchy with smart arguments, all the while having a good time with fun people?

Then join us!

We are a merry bunch of women that see Green feminism as the best way to achieve a truly equal, just society. We come in all ages, shapes and sizes: we are students, professionals, mothers, grandmothers, rock climbers, nature lovers, party animals, book nerds, vegan activists, you name it. We are women, yes, but other feminists can get involved too by coming to our open events, or by becoming supporting members. Whether you want to take active part in our work to promote gender equality or just hang around and learn more about feminism (or anything in between), there is a place for you! We are continuously looking for new ways for our members to engage in our activities, and will be most pleased to have you on board with your ideas!

At the moment we communicate mostly in Finnish, but should you have any questions regarding our activities or our cause, feel free to drop us an e-mail at